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Party Kids!

Private Parties/Fundraisers

Create something special surrounded by the people that mean the most.

We host private parties for

  1. Children’s Birthdays (6-12)
  2. Teens
  3. Sport Teams
  4. Girl/Boy Scouts
  5. Home School Groups
  6. Bachelorette
  7. Teachers
  8. Neighborhood Groups
  9. Church Groups
  10. Corporate Team Building

~The Possibilities are Endless: Give us a call to plan a party that will meet your needs.

MISSION: DIY Workshop builds memories, friendships, and character through creativity, hard work, and most of all – FUN!

No Experience Necessary!

3 easy steps!

  1. Pick a date: Check out our calendar
  1. Pick a design & personalize: Choose a design, get registered, and invite your friends
  1. Grab an Apron and a Brush: Arrive 15 minutes early and get ready to get your creative on!

What are the party planning details?

  • We take care of the set up and clean up.
  • You will get 3 hours of studio time.
  • You may bring in a cake, snacks, and drinks.
  • Your guests get instruction.
  • All the materials are provided for the projects.
  • 3 designs to choose from.
  • Deposit is refunded if the minimum number of guests register.
  • DIY Workshop Attendants take care of everything so you can enjoy the party.

What are the Prices?

  • Kids Projects – $25
  • Small Projects – $40
  • Standard Projects – $50
  • Extra Large – $65
  • Reversible – $75
  • Large/Custom – $90

Ages 6-12 must be accompanied by an adult as power tools are used. Prices are per project and not person. 2 people can work on one project. Price is based on size and complexity.

How much is the deposit?

  • Tuesday – Wednesday 150.00
  • Thursday – Saturday            (10 – 3)   150.00
  • Thursday – Saturday (evening starting at 5-7) 200.00

*Deposit is refunded in full on the day of the event if the party is not cancelled five days before the event and the minimum booking is met.

What is the party minimum?

  • Tuesday – Wednesday 6
  • Thursday – Saturday (day) 6
  • Thursday – Saturday (evening) 12

How do Fundraisers work?

DIY Workshop believes in community outreach. We work with scouts, sororities, sports teams, schools, charities, and nonprofits.

Contact us so we can plan a fundraiser to benefit your organization or group! We want to help you meet your goals.

Ready to Book Your Party? Call or Click Below!

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