The Stanley Family

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The Stanley Family

Greg and Jennifer along with 5 of their children are eager to share their family values, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence with others. They have always believed a person must work hard and play hard and want to encourage others to set goals, celebrate successes, and earn a sense of satisfaction from doing a job by yourself.

Jennifer is a High School English teacher but has taught all ages over the course of 26 years in order to remain focused on her number one priority which is her family. She has spent time as a preschool teacher, middle school teacher, and outreach program director for two nonprofit organizations. She believes in serving others and will bring that gift to the DIY Workshop as she seeks to help participants have the best possible experience.

Jennifer married Greg 31 years ago in Plano, Texas after meeting locally in Smithfield, Virginia. Her attraction to him (besides being very handsome) was his gentle spirit and strong work ethic. There is nothing that Greg cannot build, fix, or remodel. He has spent the 31 years of their marriage remodeling houses, building fences, installing tile, refinishing floors, painting rooms, refinishing furniture, and generally fulfilling every do it yourself whim Jennifer and their four daughters have wanted.  Greg is a kind and patient teacher with a heart for service that will support participants in the shop.

You never who you might meet at the shop as they have a very large and loving family. At any given day you will find any one of their 5 children and significant others finishing projects, leading classes, or just hanging out. Our workshops are not just classes but they are an opportunity to hang out, learn, and grow.